Friday, 29 November 2013

The Advantages of Owning a House

For many people in their twenties, renting a place is the most ideal housing option. Only a few years out of college and just starting out in their first jobs, twentysomethings find that renting an apartment is a cheap and relatively commitment-free arrangement. However, as they push toward 30, most of them will have moved up rank, have a brilliant career ahead of them, and find themselves thinking about getting married and starting a family. Before long, the prospect of buying their own house becomes a reality.

Of course, they might have qualms when looking at houses for sale. Whenever the plumbing breaks down or the heater stops working, it’s the landlord’s duty to have them repaired. Buying a house, however, means that all maintenance will be shouldered by the owner.

Still, there are distinct advantages of owning a home. For starters, you’re free to do improvements on your property without having to ask permission from your landlord. If you’ve always wanted to have a garden, you can have one as well. Rents also typically rise over time, meaning an apartment might not be as affordable as it once was. In contrast, a home bought with a fixed-rate mortgage will have the same payments scheme for the next two or three decades. Lastly, homes are long-term investments which generally increase in value over the years, something that can boost your credit ratings as well.

Buying a Condo: What You Need to Know

Condos are popular form of housing among people who live in urban areas. Experts in real estate consider condos to be an affordable and convenient way for residents to achieve homeownership particularly in urban cities or towns, and areas near business districts.

Buying a condo, however, can prove to be quite a tricky business because there are a lot of factors to consider. You need to have a firm grasp of the condo buying/selling market, trends in real estate, and the terms of sales and ownership. Furthermore, when buying a condo unit, you should also look at other factors such as the location, the community, the people living in the building, and the building’s rules.

Buying a condo is similar to agreeing to a business partnership which requires not only a careful assessment of factors such as location and its dwellers, but also of the management itself. Ask about any legal issues, delinquency rates, and the community rules that you would have to live by. A condo in a stable, well-managed community is the most ideal investment.

In terms of cost, you shouldn't immediately choose the least expensive condo unit. You should look at the monthly condo fees, the reserve fund for repairs and maintenance, special assessments for additional payments, and the building's insurance policies. Your neighbors are a factor, too; the kind of families that live there and the kind of lifestyles they lead can give you an ample insight on what living in that community would be like.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Why You Should Rejoice over the Return of the affordable Vancouver Condo

"Favorable market conditions also allow first-time home buyers to look more closely at the benefits of owning a home over renting one. Many potential home buyers hedge from purchasing a house, believing that renting is the more economical option. Rising rental costs and the current positive condition of the market should serve to motivate them to shift from renter to homeowner. Meanwhile, those who are not financially ready to own and maintain a single detached house can check excellent Vancouver condos for sale like the ones offered by trusted real estate brokers such as RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside. "

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Investing in Prime Vancouver Houses for Sale Can Yield Good Returns

"Senior real estate analyst Don Campbell, interviewed for the report, says buying a house—whether as a primary or secondary residence—is like investing in a “blue chip stock”; the investment will perform well over a long period of time. Hence, it is important to find a property with good value and potential for growth. Those who are looking to invest in profitable houses for sale in Vancouver will do well to be guided by established real estate brokers like RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside, who have a long track record of solid and profitable deals."